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45th Infantry Division Museum

2145 North East 36th Street

The 45th Infantry Division Museum is funded by the State of Oklahoma through the Oklahoma Military Department and the 45th Infantry Division Association. These funds are very limited; therefore, the museum also depends on the generosity of its patrons to assist in funding through donations and gift shop purchases. The museum is absolutely free to the public, but donations and gift shop purchases generate an important source of income for the museum. Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated.

Mission Statement:

To collect, preserve, and display Militaria relative to the military history of the State of Oklahoma.

To provide to the Oklahoma National Guard and visitors to the Museum an educational tool designed to enhance appreciation of our State and its citizen soldiers and their participation in our Nation’s lineage.

To exhibit the icons of our State’s military past in such a manner that the visitor is left with a visual impact commensurate to the scope of Oklahoma’s contribution to America’s history, and our National Defense


Eric Poe

Tuesday, July 24, 2018
An extremely thorough collection! I've never seen so many guns and equipment, much less organized in such a complete history of type, development, and implementation. The facility is just packed with an immense degree of history and glory. Even the equipment outside is well cared for and is a great collection of tracked vehicles, artillery, and aircraft. Well done.

Chad Kennedy

Monday, June 25, 2018
Very cool collections. Particularly enjoyed seeing the displays that showed the evolution of firearms and ammunition. Lots of information. DEFINITELY worth a visit if you're in the area. Only complaint was the museum attendant. He was very knowledgeable but also rather intrusive, interrupting conversations to give more information on everything.

Kathi Jensen

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Very interesting visit. Wonderful displays of time pieces during the many wars. A knowledge staff is there to answer any questions you may have and also a small gift shop. The displays are so well done, showing the different rifles, pistols, swords and bayonets from each era. Also a display of items taken from Hitler.

M Tang

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Came across this museum by accident during my trip through Oklahoma and I'm not going to lie, this place is amazing. A good selection of tanks, artillery, and other vehicles on the exterior. Inside, a plethora of military small arms and other equipment spanning multiple eras. My only complaint was that I was on a time crunch and did not have adequate time to properly view the entire exhibit. Free admission and parking, do not miss out on this gem!

Anthony Mellendorf

Sunday, May 27, 2018
One of the hidden gems of Oklahoma City. So much knowledge to be gained going here. The artifacts and items they have are numerous and one of a kind. Anyone in the city should think about visiting the museum. The 45th is the division who liberated Hitler's Berlin apartment as well as the Dachau concentration camp, so there are a lot of those items here. 10/10.

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