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5 Wits

202 Patriot Place

A 5 Wits adventure is a cutting-edge, live-action entertainment venue that immerses participants in realistic, hands-on adventures, challenging them to prove they have what it takes to battle a giant squid (20,000 Leagues) or save the world (Espionage)!


Rebecca J

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Did the 20,000 Leagues adventure. It's not an escape room like I expected, but it's a fun experience. The guide actually leads the group through, telling the story. The puzzles are easy and the guide was too quick to offer answers and seemed to be rushing us, but the ambiance, effects, and acting were excellent.

Sarah Laganelli

Friday, April 20, 2018
If this review was based solely on the rooms themselves and the “cool factor” for our kids age ranged 5-13 then it would be higher... the staff was RIDICULOUS. We were a group of 8 and were with another group of 2. We got there right at 10 due to traffic and throughout the entire adventure the staff, Amanda, kept saying “ well you missed the beginning while we were waiting” or “we had plenty of time in the museum before you got here.”.. “They were here first so they should get to go”.. she then proceeded to let the one child in the other party do all of the adventures while telling our kids (6 of them) to get out of the way so he could figure it out. At one point she went up to my 13 year old daughter and told her to stop touching things (first of all we are in a room where you figure things out and the kids are supposed to touch things correct) and then told her “I’m here for a reason Honey”... DO NOT talk to my kid like that! The 20,000 league rooms were cool but she made my kids feel they were walking on eggshells and they were afraid to get involved. Nuts! We then had a different guide for the next adventure and she was pretty much the same way! Don’t touch that. You shouldn’t be near there! My 5 year old set off the alarm with the laser maze and she said “come on.. we can’t be setting of the alarms. We are going to get caught and the lasers are going to go through your skin” to which he in turn cried his eyes out for being reprimanded in a “fun” environment and I had to leave the challenge with him. She also ended up telling the kids to “too bad give up” on one of the challenges because she wanted to move on. I loved the ideas and concepts behind this place but the staff have NO CLUE how to deal with kids! It should be an exploratory environment! They should have fun with their jobs rather than scold my kids for exploring, touching or trying to have fun!

Sudhish Singh

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Nice place for kids up to 12-13 years. We were put with 2 more families to get to 12 folks they need. Espionage was fun but a little short. The guide was nice and mentioned that there are 5 different endings so we may have gone longer if we solved few more things. You can buy both for $5 extra and use the second one within an year. They have a waiting area upstairs with lockers, coat racks and bathrooms.

Angelica Booker

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Had a great time! Lots of great rooms and our guide, Dayvon, was very exuberant. Will try to come back when we're in the area next.

Barbara Craw

Monday, April 16, 2018
Too many people at one time. Kids couldn't do tasks because they couldn't get a turn. Staff not trained well in dealing with children. When asked for volunteers, one child speaks up and says"me", host says who yelled me? Child gets all excited that they are going to be picked and host says "definitely, not you." Child did not scream, just spoke up because they wanted a turn. These are kids excited about the adventure. Host embarrassed child and ruined the whole experience. Don't ask for volunteers if you don't want excited children. I will not recommend this place to anyone. Costs too much, too short, too crowded and staff needs training in people skills and working with children...👎👎👎👎👎👎

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