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Absecon Lighthouse

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In this area of the site I would like to detail some of the events and history that lead to the construction of the lighthouse. In these modern times it is easy to take for granted the steps in technology that made the inlet and local area the safe navigable waterway it is today.

Dr. Jonathan Pitney, later called the "Father of Atlantic City," was concerned about the loss of ships and lives along Absecon Beach. Earning the area the nickname of "the Graveyard Inlet." The schooners LOUISA, Ann, Nile, DUROC and other ships - George Cannon, Frankfort and Gherge's Kahn were among the scores of vessels that met their fates on the shores between the Great and Little Egg Harbors. The lighthouse was determined to be necessary to protect the ships from the dangerous Absecon Shoals.

In 1854, based on promptings by Pitney, the U.S. Lighthouse Service requested and received an appropriation from Congress in the amount of $35,000 for a lighthouse on Absecon Island. The land was obtained and construction began in 1855 under the direction of Major Hartman Bache who was later replaced by Lieutenant (future General) George Meade. In 1856 an additional $17,000 was appropriated and the work was completed at the end of 1856 under the direction of Lt. Col. William Reynolds. The final cost was $52,187.

In the first ten months of operation, the lighthouse proved its worth -- not a single ship was wrecked


Karlene Wilson

Sunday, July 1, 2018
Loved it. First time seeing a light house. The views were amazing. The climb was tough but again the views were amazing and so was the cool breeze at the top that also made it so worth it. The admission price was fair. The little souvenir shop was very nice and the staff made you feel welcomed. So worth the trip. Several buildings you could see and little things to do.

Kristin Webb

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
We went to this lighthouse on a spur of the moment idea because we were in the area with some time to kill and it was such a great idea! We were met at the top of the lighthouse by a volunteer named Buddy who was the sweetest man! He was so informative of the lighthouse and the operations. He informed us he was 90 years old and climbed the lighthouse three times a week!! The view of Atlantic City and the beach were beautiful! Recommend visiting if in the area. I believe the cost was about $10.00 per person to climb the lighthouse.

Nini Kaur

Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018
A visit to this historical place was amazing and educational. 150 years old and still here. The staff volunteers are amazing they answer all your questions and part with all their knowledge about the lighthouse. The climb is 228 steps with breathtaking 360 views of the whole AC strip and the ocean. A must visit for anyone travelling to AC.

Corey Plunkett

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Super great history to visit. Loved the older gentleman at the top. He was so knowledgeable and he had passion for the light house. Loved it and so did my kids. The 228 steps was a little rough for my out of shape body though

Rhonda Boyles-Newhouse

Friday, Aug. 10, 2018
Enjoyed the view. We had a group of 5 with my mother being almost 70 and we all enjoyed our climb at our own pace. Very cheap for what you get to do.

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