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Action Wildlife

337 Torrington Road, Route 4

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Action Wildlife Foundation, Inc. offers residents of CT, MA and NY the unusual opportunity of observing and learning about animals from North America, Africa, India, New Zealand, Asia and the Artic. Not only is a visit to Action Wildlife an education in animal life and habitats, it is also a fun activity for children to touch and feed the smaller animals in our petting zoo. Older children and young adults are sure to be intrigued by the museum gallery.

Visit Action Wildlife and experience the beauty and strength occurring naturally in the wild. Located in Goshen, Connecticut, Action Wildlife Foundation sits upon the Northwest Hills of Litchfield County, surrounded by glorious fields of green.


Erica Liberatore

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
I wouldn’t waste your money. They charge 10.00 for EACH person. Which would be fine if they had animals. We brought our 18 month old son and they had about 8 different species. A lot of land and little animals. The petting zoo had goats,1 pig and 2 peacocks and the safari had 2 ANIMALS. Was hugely disappointed for the amount of acres they have.

Eric Nixon

Sunday, May 13, 2018
If you are real zoo goer this is not going to be one of the best ways you've ever been to but it is a great first Zoo for a young child. We brought our niece here and she had a blast. The cost is acceptable and there is a barn where you can Feed & Pet some animals which are mostly goats.


Saturday, July 14, 2018
Very, very nice place. It's almost like a safari, where you get to drive through it, but also pull over and get out with the kids to look at and feed the animals. We spent about 3 hours there. Do not miss the museum!!!

Sydney Verant

Friday, July 27, 2018
It was all worth it for the zebra and the bison; however, I felt that the advertisement of all the animals wasnt quite accurate as the majority were farm animals. We saw zero animals on the safari, which was really a let down as I expected it to be an open area for the animals to roam and not driving around an enclosure. We bought a $5 bucket of food at the gate only to find out that in the barn we couldn't use the food and had to buy the same food in smaller containers for the goats. (I actually saw the same food being redistributed to smaller cups.) I also saw signs of a rabies advisory that was a little unsettling. If theres a possibility of rabies they should let people know PRIOR to entering the facility. The museum was sorta cool. But like I said, I mostly loved the zebra and the bison.

Elizabeth Mazzaferro

Friday, Jan. 19, 2018
Nice place to take young kids. You can drive through and park your car to get out so you can get closer to the animals. Some of the animals you can buy food for and feed them by hand. There is also a small barn full of little goats. You can buy feed or milk to give them. Not an expensive place. They also have a museum and picnic benches so you can sit and eat. You can spend a nice day there looking at animals and relaxing.

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