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Alban Vineyards

8575 Orcutt Road
805 546 0305



Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018
The greatest people and the greatest fortunate to enjoy the wine as well as the stories about the wine, the vineyards, and the family. Thank you!

Hugh Manning

Monday, Feb. 15, 2016
My favorite wines - consistently! Every time I pull an Alban cork I am genuinely thrilled! I have experienced virtually every great wine made. I adore all of the great wines of the continent, S. America, California and Australia . The Rhones simply own me and then The Alban Vineyard's Seymour's Syrah passed my lips many years ago and promptly and permanently stained the interior of my entire body the deepest purple color ever occurring in nature. It was and remains the most delicious flavor I have ever tasted!!

Howard Gerber

Sunday, June 28, 2015
Remarkable wines, unparalleled in taste, body, and nose. 100 points is not enough!

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