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From Humble Beginnings...

America’s Incredible Pizza Company was still a dream when the devoted couple, Rick and Cheryl Barsness, opened their first pizza restaurant in the 1970’s. Rick, a high school hockey star, seemed to have everything he needed in his life. He had a great company, a beautiful wife, an amazing family – but the lack of his father’s presence had left him with a great longing in his heart, a longing to give other children an experience he never had himself. His father’s absence fostered the grand idea of starting a wholesome institution where family and friends could get together for great food, games and amazing fun.

His life’s goal was to give loving families everything that he missed in his childhood, to give families a place to be together and lose themselves in a carefree world of pure fun. Through hard work, enormous dedication and an emphatic dream, America’s Incredible Pizza Company was born.

Headquartered in beautiful Springfield, Missouri, Rick and Cheryl have opened 9 fabulous locations across the Midwest and Mexico. Based on the universal Christian principles of family values, America’s Incredible Pizza Company has been voted as the #1 Family Entertainment Center in the world, twice! Come visit one of our 9 locations today.



Friday, Aug. 3, 2018
Appeared organized when I set up my sons birthday party but from the moment we got there it was a complete unorganized disaster. The children sat in the party room for an hour and a half. No one was able to give me answers for any questions I had. My 13-year-old daughter could’ve thrown a better party. Not sure if the staff was new, but they were clueless in appeared disinterested. Not personable and unable to help with any questions I had. Didn’t even talk to the children. Parents were completely uninformed of their eating options. I would never ever ever have my birthday party here again. The games and rides are awesome but having someone else organize my party here was an absolute disaster.

Marcy Edwards

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018
The kids love this place. It is a bit much for me as the mom. But the food is not bad and the game area is huge. The kids never get bored. Several different dining rooms with different themes. I've found the retro living room and the drive in to be the most comfortable to set up grown up camp in while the kids play.

Kevin Deutman

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
This is an excellent place to take your kids for a fun time or a birthday party. Went recently for my nephew's birthday and he loved it. Tons of games as well as an indoor roller coaster and go karts. Don't worry the adults can ride too! Food at the buffet was decent. Nice selection of pizza. Nacho/taco bar. Lots of chicken, salad and non pizza dishes for those who want to keep it a little healthier. If you get creative with the buffet offerings you can have a pretty decent meal that won't give you the post-pizza-buffet bubble guts.

Kassidy Paine

Sunday, June 3, 2018
We decided to try this place while in St. Louis this evening and we weren’t disappointed! The food wasn’t bad (aimed at kids for sure, but why else would you come here?) and everything was clean. The buffet style setup made it easy to eat quickly with three hungry kids. We were really impressed by all the arcade games and activities they offered (laser tag, bumper cars, go karts, roller coasters, bowling, etc). We budgeted two hours but we could easily have stayed for much longer and not run out of things to do. My kids loved it and are already begging to go back! We felt we got a lot of of our money here.

Sydney Hutter

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
We used a Groupon for our family of 4. It seemed like a great deal, however the only let down was that we could only play the ticket free games unlimited, which was basically just the racing games. My kids were a little disappointed that they couldn't play almost ,90% of the games without us having to pay more money. A larger selection of "ticket free" games would be a huge benefit. Also when waiting in line for the go karts, their was a person who did not know how to drive the go kart. The staff was extremely kind to him, they ended up having to remove him from the track, but they sent him off with a hat and a sticker. Even though their kindness was admirable, it took entirely too long for them to take action. We stood in line for about an hour (with a Max of 10 people in front of us) and couldn't even enjoy the remaining portion of our game play. It was a little disappointing. The food was decent and seating areas were large.

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