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Arnolds Park Amusement Park


For more than a century, Okoboji has been the ideal destination for family vacations. The most popular way to enjoy Okoboji is by spending time in or near its six pristine, glacier-carved lakes. Relax on the sandy beaches that dot the water’s edge. Fish in waterways locally known as an angler’s paradise. Or swim, ski, boat, sail, windsurf or kayak through the lakes’ crystal blue depths. Of course, the Lakes Area provides an ideal backdrop for land-lovers, too, with its lush parks, winding nature trails and beautiful golf courses.


Kent Peters

Sunday, April 8, 2018
In my memory, it was five stars growing up. There was a great skating rink here and the bands across the street always drew a big crowd in the evening-- young people coming to have a beer and dance with their friends. The park still has some of it's cool features-- it's right on the lake, so location is good, and the original roller coaster is still kicking. There are now jet ski rentals, etc so a fun place to walk around and if you have younger kids, a good place to safely let them roam...

Yaritza Hernández

Saturday, May 12, 2018
This place is wonderfull. I recommen you go to this park in this summer.

Jordan Wheeler

Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
fun place to hang out, great for kids. i went here a lot as a kid, and it wad always so fun. theres also some stuff to do for teenagers and adults. 👍🏻

Melissa Fleshner

Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017
Very fun place to spend a day or two. Several shops and a couple museums to walk though, and also many tasty dessert options! The Nutty Bar stand is a must! The nutty bars themselves are good, but if you really want to treat yourself go for a cone - they sure know how to serve them up! Best ice cream cone I've ever had, and I have tried many. The amusement park is fun and decently priced. We also took a ride on the Queen II and enjoyed it regardless of the chilly weather.

Michael Turner

Friday, Sep. 8, 2017
A great adventure for kids. There's a few games, some god and about 25 rides. There is seldom a wait and all the rides are great for kids. Our favorite is the kiddie coaster and we rode it about 12 times in a day. A close second is the log flume. You'll get wet but not soaked of you ride it a couple times. I would recommend against a wrist band for parents. Just get a ride card for a couple rides as almost all the rides are for kids only.

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