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City of Virginia Beach

2401 Courthouse Drive, Building 1

Organizational Mission:
The City of Virginia Beach exists to enhance the economic, educational, social and physical quality of the community and provide sustainable municipal services which are valued by its citizens.
The City of Virginia Beach organization is based upon a belief in the democratic process of government. This belief provides meaningful ways for citizens, reflecting the diversity of our City, to contribute to the development of public policy. This process is enhanced by organizational values which guide member performance within the Virginia Beach Quality Service System. These Values define our desired organizational culture.
We Value...
Quality Customer Service
-Service to customers is the fundamental reason the City of Virginia Beach Municipal Government exists.
-Organizational goals are attained when members and customers work together
Leadership and Learning
-Learning at every level of the organization creates opportunities for leadership experience and for members to continuously expand their capacity to create a quality organization
-Integrity creates the trust essential to Quality Service and long-term personal and organizational growth
-Commitment is the necessary mechanism enabling members to focus their behavior on attaining organizational goals
Openness and Respect
-Members must be truthful and open with each other and with customers to grow responsibly and effectively
Quality Work Life
-A quality work life influences the degree of members' satisfaction which enables the accomplishment of the City's mission

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