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Fairhope Museum of History

Fairhope Museum of History
24 North Section Street

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The Fairhope Museum of History opened to the public on April 5, 2008. The museum occupies a newly expanded building that originally served as Fairhope’s City Hall from 1928 to 1971; it remained the City’s Police Station and jail until 2002.The museum dates back to 1992, to a dedicated group of about 25 individuals, including the late Flo Simmons who was a very important early supporter. Originally, the museum was located in the historic Bell building on the Faulkner State Community College Campus.

Several years ago, museum committee members approached the City about using the old police station building, and with the help of the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation, their vision became a reality.The Fairhope Historical Museum displays items depicting Fairhope’s local history, including belongings from some of the town's first residents. It displays Native American artifacts as well as exhibits on the Single Tax and the Civil War.

The museum features changing exhibits on the mezzanine as well as permanent displays. The permanent displays, mainly located on the first floor of the museum, depict a cross section of Fairhope’s history, including:

    - The Fairhope Industrial Association & Fairhope’s Founders
    - The Volunteer Fire Department
    - The Mayors of Fairhope
    - Fairhope’s Children
    - Cottages & Bungalows
    - People’s railroad
    - Local Native Americans
    - A display of the people of Fairhope
    - The Town Jail
    - The Forster Family
    - Colonial Inn
    - Clay City
    - Fairhope’s African-American History

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