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Franklin Park Zoo

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      Franklin Park Zoo mission is to inspire people to protect and sustain the natural world for future generations by creating fun and engaging experiences that integrate wildlife and conservation programs, research, and education.


Candyss Woodberry

Thursday, July 5, 2018
I really appreciate Franklin Park and its Zoo. Great experiences... The animals seem well taken care of and quite engaging during my latest visits spring and summer 2018 visits. In addition to that good news, there is a lot more to enjoy at the Zoo: the farm, the enclosed sites and gardens, the rides, the playground, the animals that walk around without restrictions, the animals that must be enclosed for safety purposes, the food and the walking paths that lead to shade and rest points. It's great. There are not a ton of shaded areas at certain times of the day, so summer visits require cool clothes, plenty of water and sunblock. If you appreciate nature and its simplicity- you'll likely enjoy yourself, greatly. The kids certainly will...especially once they make it to the main playground attraction. Very cool, however, some structures and slides may be hot during high sun due to a lack of shade in some areas. Oh! One last thing- Franklin Park Zoo has a cool dinosaur exhibit now, too! It'll cost you extra but you only live once. Plus, library discounts help save money so plan and budget for a win- win! 😀 See you there!

Kaitlin White

Monday, June 25, 2018
It was such a great day! Plenty of different types of animals and exhibits, a great place to stop& eat a packed lunch, or yummy food, right inside the zoo itself, &for a fairly cheap price too! An awesome, HUGE, fenced off playground area for children, with tables &benches for adults. You can rent single or double sized strollers if your children are like mine,& have a difficult time walking for long periods of time. It's definitely a whole day's worth of fun! So plan for a long day. You'll definitely want to wear sneakers!-made that mistake already! Parking was pretty difficult..nearly impossible actually.. but the valet, although it is $20.-, is well worth it, ESPECIALLY after a long day of walking&being on your feet.

Arthur Pare

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Great place to bring the kids or just to spend some time in the outdoors. Large zoo with plenty of displays, large areas for the animals and a huge playground for the kids. If you like a great zoo this is it. Memberships are cheap compared to the cost of entry. I purchased the Friends membership and plan on bringing my great nieces and nephews along to check it out. Membership also works at its sister zoo. Much smaller but worth going if you already have the membership.

Adriana Hastie

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Plan for at least half a day. Including lunch. Good walk through and lots of activities for kids. Although the activities can be distracting from the animals. World giraffe day didn't yield as much difference than a regular trip to the zoo, so its was highly anticipated without much return on that specific front. Alternatively the zoo as a whole has merit and is a must stop by on your trip feel. Good for a long day with the family, but hopefully they all sleep on the way home. ☆☆☆☆☆

Rachel Gill

Friday, June 29, 2018
Great time had by all awesome day! Fun time! The food could b better the fries I got were not hot enough and kind of hard but still good! The hot dog I had tho was amazing! They had cool animals and awesome exhibits would go back again and again for sure1

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