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Hood Museum Of Art

Hood Museum Of Art
6034 East Wheelock Street

Statement of Purpose:
The purpose of the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College is to inspire, educate, and collaborate with our academic and broader communities about creativity and imagination through a direct engagement with works of art of historic and cultural significance by making effective use of our collections and staff.

History and Architecture:
The Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College is one of the oldest and largest college museums in the country. The award-winning building designed by Charles Moore and Chad Floyd of Centerbrook Architects was completed in 1985, yet the museum's collections stretch back to 1772, three years after Dartmouth College was founded.

"A dignified little museum that fits splendidly into this New England college town . . . Yet it still exerts a very strong personality of its own."--Ellen Poser, Wall Street Journal.

"The building alludes both to the Georgian architecture of American--and Dartmouth--tradition, and to the modern architecture of the Hopkins Center beside it, and its casual, rather rambling shape pulls the clashing buildings on either side of it into a new and quite remarkable coherence. It is really quite brilliantly sited; one of a few cases anywhere of a large building shoehorned into an awkward space between two other large buildings, and fitting quite naturally.--Paul Goldberger, New York Times (October 20, 1985)

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