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Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves

Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves
1712 Lost River Road, Route 112W

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It's an adventure that combines the beauty and mysteries of nature with the excitement of exploring! Lost River Gorge is a journey through time. As you travel this timeline, you'll explore steep walled gorges and rugged boulder caves still lit by lanterns and guided by boardwalks. You'll marvel at the colors and delicate beauty of over one hundred species of native flowers, ferns, and shrubs in our nature garden. Along your ¾ mile journey, the river will keep you company along the way, playing hide and seek among the huge boulders and deep crevasses. Even when it's not visible, the river is never far away you'll hear it babbling over the rocks, just out of sight, and you'll understand why it's called "Lost River."

Your exploration of Lost River can be as easy or as ambitious as you choose. You may remain on the boardwalk, or accept the challenge of boulder caves such as the Dungeon and the Lemon Squeezer; it's up to you. To make your adventure more enjoyable, sturdy footwear and outdoor clothing are recommended and no strollers are allowed in the Gorge.

Of course, Lost River offers more than caves and boardwalks. Enjoy a stroll on the Ecology trail or, for the very experienced hiker, climb up the Dilly Cliff. A short video on the history of Lost River as well as information and exhibits concerning New Hampshire wildlife can be viewed in the Log Cabin.

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