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Maurice Car'rie Vineyard & Winery

34225 Rancho California Road

Open: Year Round

About Us:

My name is Renato Sais Blanco and I am the new Winemaker at Maurice Car'rie Winery.

I was born in Sonora, Mexico. I am 33 years old, and have been married to my high school sweetheart the past six years.

I have a Bachelor's degree in International Business and a degree in Viticulture and Enology. I began my wine career in Mexico, in the Valley of Guadalupe, Baja California. My family built a winery back in 2005. I apprenticed and grew professionally through 2008.In 2009, I made the decision to come to the US to learn more about the industry and build a life/career here. My career here started in Sonoma, Ca working as an Enologist for Windsor Oaks Winery; then I moved closer to my roots (Southern California) and established myself in the beautiful city of Temecula.

In 2010, Danza Del Sol Winery and Mike Tingley decided to hire me as the Assistant Winemaker and Vineyard Manager. I spent the last four harvests with the company; helping Danza Del Sol any way I could to make it a successful and well-known company in the valley of Temecula.

The opportunity of becoming the Winemaker here at Maurice Car'rie is a dream come true, being a part of a historic and highly known winery is something to be truly proud of. I see Maurice Car'rie Winery as an anchor of the Temecula Valley wineries.

I am looking forward to continue the already well-known wine production program here to keep pleasing our customers with our quality and variety of wines.


Dorothy Wolons

Sunday, May 20, 2018
Family Sunday picnic. Love to sit out on the lawn, beautiful breeze, good wine and the HOT BRIE BOWL, which is amazing. Grandchildren ran around and we all enjoyed the wine. Staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable of the wines and the surrounding area. It was nice to browse the vendors and picked up some pretty jewelry and local honey.

Scott Wesley Brown

Sunday, July 1, 2018
Love the Brie bowls and the arts booths but the music doesn’t fit the winery unless you’re into 80’s hip hop! Ditch the dj and play some soft jazz or acoustic guitar. Not sure we’ll be back. Don’t want to get my ears blasted out!

Edwin Murga

Saturday, July 7, 2018
The delicious bread. But the bartenders we're not friendly at all. It almost feels like we were bothering them.

Ian McGough

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Nothing bad to say about this place. Friendly staff that is knowledgeable, but still down to earth. Delicious wines, good selection. Great environment. If you come on the right day, they have a little local swap meet ish thing and a DJ. Was not overwhelming, but an energetic and fun place. The Brie bread was absolutely delicious. . . A mouthgasm. Large sourdough loaf with an entire wheel of Brie cheese baked inside, seasoned well. It should be a criminal offence to come to Temecula and NOT purchase one of these Brie breads.

Shannon Morris

Sunday, March 18, 2018
Just went there on Saturday March 17th around 200pm. The lady selling the bread out front was super nice. However the rest of the employees were rude. We bought 2 bottles of wine and paid to have them opened. When we went to the bar to have them opened, 3 employee's were busy having a conversation. I said to the younger gentlemen "hello we paid to have the bottles opened". He didn't even look at me or acknowledge us. He looked at the bottles and saw that they has a red tape on them. So he grabbed them and started opening them, while he continued on with his conversation with the two female employees. After he finished my sister and I said "thank you". He contined on with his conversation and once again didn't acknowledge us or even look at us. It was honestly the rudest experience that I have ever had. We were trying to say stuff to them and it was like we weren't even there. I can see why the place was dead if this is the way the staff treats the guests. I won't ever come back again.

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