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Safari's Exotic Wildlife

26881 E 58th St S

Safari's Sanctuary in Broken Arrow was founded in 1995 to do just that. We rescue all kinds of wildlife, from big cats, wolves, bears, primates, hoof stock, birds, reptiles..etc. Currently housing over 200 animals. All from either private individuals who could not keep or from zoo's that over breed.

While at the same time, we focus on educating our youth to the dangers of having exotic animals as pets. Teaching to do your research before acquiring any animal, whether dog, snake, or tiger! What will its needs be? How much will it eat? How big will it get? How long does it live? Are you willing to dedicate your life to that animal for the next 10+ years (however long it lives)?

We welcome you to explore our website, get a taste of the kinds of animals we rescue, and what all we have on our 12 acres just east of Broken Arrow.

If you love animals, you'll be addicted to Safari's too! Become a volunteer, a sponsor, or just be an ambassador for Safari's and tell everyone you know. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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