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Theatre Tulsa

Theatre Tulsa
412 North Boston Avenue


Theatre Tulsa is a community theatre with certain responsibilities inherent to theatre in general and to community theatre specifically. Equal emphasis is always placed on the quality of the productions    and the quality of the experience for the participants.

The theatre's specific responsibilities are:

To produce quality entertainment.
To provide the opportunity to all segments of the community to participate whether an artist, volunteer or audience member.
To encourage the development of theatrical talent.
To be a leader in the community in the presentation of theatre arts.

History :

Since 1922, Theatre Tulsa has been a part of the culture of Tulsa. Theatre Tulsa has entertained the community for 82 years thanks to patrons and sponsors like you. It is our supporters who saw us through the Depression, World War II and the disaster of two fires.

These same supporters made possible hundreds of productions, including the first community theatre productions of Our Town, All My Sons, and, in 2003, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change.

Theatre Tulsa and its supporters share a rich legacy of bringing music, laughter, and drama to the people of Tulsa and providing a venue for the many talents of the Tulsa community. Take a look at our history through the decades via the links below.

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