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Wilson Castle

Wilson Castle
2708 West Street

The castle began in 1867 by Doctor & Lady Johnson. He was a Vermonter who went to England to study medicine. While there he met & married a wealthy lady of the aristocracy. After 71/2 years of planning and construction the castle was completed at the sum of $1,300,000. The Johnson's remained in the castle for only a brief time.

From the 1880's until 1939, the castle was bought & sold 4 times. In 1939, a radio engineer named Herbert Lee Wilson, came to Vermont. He was a pioneer in the AM radio field and built radio stations all over the world. He was looking for a new location to build another station and a summer home for his family. He bought the castle & installed radio station WEWE in the old stable, which remains in operation.

When America joined WWII in 1941, Herbert Wilson joined the Army Signal Corps, from which he retired in the 1950's as rank of Colonel. He retired to the castle and in 1962 opened it for tours. He died in 1981 at the age of 82 and left the estate to his daughter, Blossom Wilson Davine Ladabouche. Blossom passed away in 2010 and currently her daughter Denise Davine is the owner/operator.

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